The ‘80s are slowly but surely coming back into style. From Suzuki’s Katana and V-Strom 1050 throwbacks to KTM’s latest dirt bike graphics, the motorcycle market is getting radder and more tubular by the minute. Now, Stylmartin is amping up the ‘80s flavor with the design for its new Audax Air motorcycle shoes.

Perfect for summer riding, the new Stylmartin has its roots in the brand’s Audax WP boot family. Opting for maximum airflow, the Audax Air consists of perforated leather, ventilating mesh panels, and a breathable sole. While the new shoes suit the summer months, that doesn’t stop Stylmartin from adding water-repellent leather and textile to the upper and high visibility inserts at the back.

Stylmartin Audax Air - Back
Stylmartin Audax Air - Tongue

The lacing and Velcro system not only aligns with the ‘80s styling but also secures the rider's foot and ankle throughout the ride. Impact protection comes in the form of internal PU ankle protectors. Two full-grain leather patches at the toes also protect the sneakers from abrasive shifter pegs. On the flip side, the non-slip soles should deliver ample grip at the foot pegs.

Of course, the radical white base and blue/green/red panels vividly capture the bygone era. While the colorway plays on ‘80s sneaker culture, Stylmartin also offers a more subdued white/gray/black color palette for a subtler styling statement. Available for both women and men, the Audax Air comes in Euro sizes 36 (U.S. Women’s size 6) through 47 (U.S. men’s size 14).

Retailing for €189 ($231 USD), the new Stylmartins are a great option for congested urban riding or summertime road trips. Whether you’re still bumping your boombox or just getting into the ‘80s trend, the Audax Air should be a fly addition to your summer getup.

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