Established in 2013, Hevik motorcycle gear fuses Italian flair with everyday practicality. From the brand’s dedicated rain gear to its classic leather jackets, Hevik’s lineup is heavy on both style and substance. However, with warmer weather on the horizon, the -based company takes a “Light” approach with its summer collection.

Maximizing comfort, ventilation, and lightweight construction, Hevik’s latest collection includes two , three jackets, and one pair of riding jeans for head to (nearly) toe protection.

The brand adds a option to its ranks with the Wrap helmet. Of course, riders can increase airflow with the flip of the chin bar, but the feature-rich lid also boasts a sun visor, breath guard, micrometric buckle, and an efficient ventilation system. Users won’t need to worry about airflow with Hevik’s Tread helmet though, as the three-quarter lid keeps the rider cool throughout the ride. Both helmets are light on the wallet too, with the Wrap retailing for €139 ($170 USD) and the Tread trailing behind at €85 ($104 USD).

Gallery: 2021 Hevik Light Collection

Hevik extends the same ethos to its Light jacket collection. The two-layer Stelvio Light jacket is suitable for touring thanks to a fixed waterproof membrane and elbow and shoulder armor. However, the removable thermal lining and ample ventilation mean it's ready to take on all conditions. For those staying in the city, the Scirocco Light jacket can adapt to the forecast as well. The Scirocco Light is perfect for the hottest days in the urban jungle with a removable windproof membrane.

On the other hand, the Ikaro jacket is a match for adventurous riders due to its detachable waterproof liner and large ventilation panels. Both the Stelvio and Scirocco Light jackets come in women's and men’s sizes, but the Ikaro is only available for male riders at this point. Regardless of the size, the jackets are still easy on the checkbook with the Stelvio costing €169 ($207 USD), the Scirocco coming in at €114 ($140 USD), and the Ikaro commanding €149 ($182 USD).

Last but not least, the Tucson round out the Light collection. With a casual appeal, stonewash finish, and protective knee armor, the new Hevik jeans look great on the way to the café or on the open road. Available for both women and men, the Tucson jeans carry an €84 ($103 USD) price tag and fit Hevik’s unique blend of style and substance.

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