We’re seeing more and more airbag vests hit the market these days, and that’s good news for customers. Whether you prefer an airbag that fits under race leathers or one that goes over your jacket, there are more options than ever. Riders can even choose between products that use proprietary algorithms or cable tethers to deploy the safety system.

Spidi’s new Air DPS airbag vest draws from its 20 years of experience in the sector and delivers a highly versatile and effective unit. Favoring a vest that goes over the user’s gear, the Air DPS doesn’t come with any of the compatibility issues found in rivals like Alpinestars’ Tech-Air and Dainese’s D-Air systems. Additionally, Spidi’s design aligns with many of the jackets found on the sport and adventure touring market today, allowing the Air DPS to blend into the background.


Aside from the universal fit, the Spidi vest also utilizes a Kevlar cable to connect to any motorbike or scooter. When activated, the 26-liter capacity bag inflates in 200 milliseconds, protecting the user’s torso, back, hips, and neck. The coverage and activation time also qualify the Air DPS for Europe’s stringent EN 1624-2: 2013 FB airbag standard.

Spidi’s new vest doesn’t just provide comprehensive protection in milliseconds though, it’s durable as well. The brand states that a mandatory review of the Air DPS isn’t required until seven activations, but recommends that owners get the airbag checked after three deployments. Constructed from Spidi’s TexTech material, the vest is waterproof yet breathable while also resistant to cuts and abrasion. The Air DPS is a feasible addition to any riding outfit as well, only weighing in at 2.4 pounds.

At $699.90, the Air DPS Airbag Vest comes in sizes M, L, and XXL, but Spidi only offers a Fluo Yellow colorway. Replacement CO2 cartridges only cost an additional $25.90 and should keep the Spidi vest on the road long after more and more airbags enter the market.

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