India’s been going through a particularly rough time lately thanks to the global pandemic. To help out, motorcycle manufacturers in the country diverted industrial oxygen supplies to hospitals, and some also worked to provide much-needed emergency supplies and ambulances to hard-hit hospitals and healthcare systems throughout the country. 

Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. is among those companies that shut down for several weeks to divert its oxygen supplies. However, the company resumed production on May 17, 2021. It’s also coordinating with the auto-making side of Suzuki, called Maruti Suzuki, because the two branches share some parts vendors in common. Supply chain disruptions have impacted Suzuki, while demand has remained higher than what Suzuki says it could supply.  

Thanks to the ongoing and ever-evolving global pandemic situation, now Suzuki India is also scaling back on its plans to scale its production up to meet increasing demand for its products. The plans could be delayed by as much as 18 months due to current circumstances. 

“Because of the COVID-19, starting from last year our project is slightly delayed. Originally, we were expecting more progress in these two years, but because of COVID-19, the market hasn’t grown as expected. Earlier we had planned to enhance production capacity up to one million this year, but physically it is impossible in terms of number of sales,” Suzuki Motorcycle India company head Satoshi Uchida told the Times of India.  

When asked if these troublesome delays would have any effect on the upcoming new model schedule that Suzuki India was working on, Uchida said that was not the case. He also explained that if the company was to veer off-course with its new model introductions, that would increase development costs significantly, which Suzuki did not want to do. Therefore, it’s keeping those plans as on-track as it possibly can for the time being.  

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