When it comes to motorcycles for the Indian market, it's clear to see why small-displacement, practical, and affordable runabouts rule the city streets. With lots of India's cities being heavily urbanized, as well as the lackluster road conditions found in the country, it's understandable that the bikes over there take quite a beating.

That being said, despite majority of the population leaning towards practical lightweight commuters, there's no denying their love for sportbikes and performance-oriented machines. As highlighted in previous stories, the folks over at India love modifying and customizing their bikes to go and look fast. So you may be wondering, what is the most idolized bike in India? Well, I'm willing to bet the Suzuki Hayabusa sits on the top of many people's lists. The numerous custom Hayabusa replicas can surely attest this claim. 

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa, Hero, Three generations, Light on

Now that the real, brand new 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa has debuted in the Indian market, it's unsurprising that all 101 units in the first batch have already been accounted for. Less than 24 hours after bookings had commenced, all bikes in the first batch were snapped up by eager enthusiasts, weeks before they'll actually be able to get their hands on their new bikes. The lucky owners of the first batch of 'Busas launched in India get a complimentary seat cowl as a token of appreciation for their patience and loyalty to this iconic machine. 

With the Suzuki Hayabusa now sold out in India, sportbike aficionados who were unable to pre-book the bike, but have the coin to spend, will have no choice but to wait for the second batch of bikes to arrive. Suzuki has temporarily closed bookings for the Hayabusa until the second batch of bikes arrives.  The next shipment of Hayabusas is expected to arrive sometime in August, so be sure to be on the lookout for Suzuki's announcement on the reopening of bookings for this bike. 

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