The 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa finally came in for a landing on February 5, 2021. Over in Italy, introduction of a very special limited-edition version was announced at the same time. Called the Web Edition, it had zero to do with Peter Parker and everything to do with only being available online through Suzuki Italia’s website. Also, only 10 would ever be sold. Suzuki Italia knows how to get fan attention, that’s for sure. 

As you’d probably expect, it didn’t take long at all for each and every 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa Web Edition to find itself a home. The reservation deadline may have been March 15, 2021, but according to Moto.IT, all ten of these extremely limited-edition bikes were spoken for in just three days

What’s so special about the Web Edition? It takes the beautiful black and gold variant of the 2022 ‘Busa and adds a few key changes. Carbon mirror covers, special anodized levers bearing the Hayabusa logo, and a carbon tank pad and rim stripe are part of it. There’s also a nice single seat cover, but all those little farkles just set the stage for the real showstopper, which can be summed up in three words: Akrapovič titanium exhaust

Base price of a regular 2022 ‘Busa in Italy is € 19,390 or about $23,455.50. The Web Edition only went for € 21,490, or about $25,997 (and both Euro prices include VAT). While you could purchase all those accessories separately and slap them on your stock ‘Busa, it’ll cost a bit more. Thus, the Web Edition offered a pretty sweet value for those who purchased one. 

Suzuki dealerships across Italy will see the new Hayabusas nesting in showrooms in late February or early March, 2021. They’ll also be taking flight around the world, so check with your local Suzuki dealer about pricing and availability in your region. 

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