Piaggio has big plans for the 2021 Beijing Motor Show. On May 28, 2021, it plans to officially unveil the all-electric Piaggio One scooter to the world on the stage at BMS. This marks the Piaggio Group’s second electric scooter introduction, after the Vespa Elettrica.  

On May 24, Piaggio decided to give its global public just a little taste of what to expect from the Beijing unveiling. It lifted the covers on the Piaggio One via a short TikTok teaser, which lets viewers get a brief introduction to its aesthetic, as well how easy it is to both ride and live with. Just plug it into a standard electrical outlet, Piaggio says, and you’re ready to go—just like your smartphone.  

It also posted a short video on some of its other social media sites, to ensure maximum reach ahead of the full and detailed announcement. The tagline Piaggio is going with for this scoot is quite simple, and probably what you might expect upon hearing the model name for the first time: One for all, and all for One. 


Piaggio plans to launch One as a global electric model, offering quality, reliability, style, and removable batteries that users can take inside with them, plug in, and place back inside their scoots when they’re ready to go. Swapping out spent batteries for full ones should also be fairly easy with the One concept.  

Zero emissions, keyless operation, full LED lighting all around, two engine maps, full-color digital instrumentation up front, and a capacious storage compartment under the saddle are all features Piaggio is happy to shout about.  

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The current plan is to launch Piaggio One as an entire electric scooter platform, with different powers ranging from moped up to motorcycle. All will be driven by different-capacity electric motors, and powered by swappable lithium-ion batteries that can be plugged in off the bike for ultimate ease of use.  

As of the end of May, 2021, Piaggio says that the One should be available in the European market toward the end of June, 2021. We look forward to finding out all the details about the entire One line as Piaggio reveals them at the 2021 Beijing Motor Show. 

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