Piaggio’s MP3 three-wheeled scooter platform hit the market in 2006. Since then, it’s been a major player in urban mobility with a diverse range to suit riders of all skill levels. Between the entry-level MP3 300 HPE and the flagship 500cc variant, the 350 HPE hit the goldilocks mark for many commuters and city dwellers.

Last updated in 2018, the MP3 350 HPE was due for Euro 5 homologation and the Italian brand had more than emissions measures in store. For 2021, Piaggio bumps the ’s displacement up from 330cc to 399cc, prompting the new MP3 400 HPE nameplate. The extra volume increases maximum output by five horsepower and six lb-ft. The middle ground HPE now pumps out 35.3 horsepower and 27.8 lb-ft of torque. Along with the capacity boost, Piaggio worked to reduce engine noise, heat, and vibration.


Piaggio’s MP3 has always been a user-friendly platform and features like LED lighting and three-channel ABS prioritize safety and accessibility. A new, wider passenger seat optimizes comfort and a self-illuminated trunk accommodates two full-size helmets. MP3 400 owners can now open the compartment manually or via Piaggio’s MIA app.

The cockpit also includes an analog speedometer and tachometer but includes a digital dash displaying additional information. joins the full range in 2021 and the front end’s tilting suspension locks into an upright position at a stop. The suspension resumes normal operation when throttle is applied, but the feature should help stabilize the scooter at stoplights.


The standard MP3 400 HPE comes in black and blue color options and retails for €8,999 ($10,994 USD). For €200 more ($11,238 USD), the Sport variant four different colorways. While the 400 HPE keeps classic MP3 styling cues and features, the new model also drives the platform forward.

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