Once in a blue moon, motorcycle makers treat their clientele to special edition models which really make their bikes stand out in a crowd. With companies like Vespa releasing special edition variants with the likes of Emporio Armani, Christian Dior, and other chic lifestyle brands, the concept of a fashionable motorcycle which serves as both a mode of transport and a status symbol isn’t exactly a novel concept. It is, however, pretty cool. 

Having said all that, Husqvarna has partnered up with Italian fashion marquee Replay. The Swedish motorcycle specialist has unveiled a series of rare, special edition models, which by feature very unique graphics very much in line with the couture aesthetic Replay is very much known for. The two companies have worked together to release limited edition variants of some of Husqvarna’s most popular models—the Vitpilen 701, 701 Supermoto, and 701 Enduro LR. 

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto Replay Edition
Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR Replay Edition

Starting off with the Vitpilen 701 Replay edition, this bike is quite possibly the best fit to the fashion brand’s overall aesthetic. Clad in black and bronze apparel, this special colorway gives the rugged street bike a sleek and almost elegant appearance, with the polished bronze finish on the tank and tail really catching the eye. The 701 Supermoto has received similar treatment, as well, donning a similar, albeit stealthier apparel. It features a more blacked-approach with polished bronze elements such as the rims and radiator shrouds. 

Lastly, the 701 Enduro LR gets similar styling as the 701 Enduro. However, the bike’s off-road orientation gives a rugged and adventurous spin on this unique aesthetic. As expected, this special edition range of bikes is extremely rare, with a total of just ten units seeing production. Additionally, if you’re hoping to get your hands on one of these, don’t get your hopes up as these bikes will be delivered to VIPs and celebrities. However, Husqvarna does assure that a production run of the Replay edition of bikes will commence in the future.

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