Anything's possible if you believe, right?

In today's episode of motorcycle cosplay, we have yet another Chinese motorcycle which has appeared to have borrowed one too many styling cues from a certain Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Fans of the legendary MV Agusta will be quick to point out that this Motrac Unicorn 800 looks a little bit too much like their beloved Superveloce 800. 

Now, MV Agusta is all about performance and beauty. With the company's tagline 'Motorcycle Art' ringing true in the essence of all its motorcycles, countless hours of meticulous design and cutting-edge engineering go into the development of its bikes. As is the case with many works of art, however, there tend to be replicas—oftentimes unauthorized replicas.

The Motrac Unicorn  Wants To Be An MV Agusta Superveloce Someday

So, if imitation really is the best form of flattery, should MV Agusta be flattered by the Motrac Unicorn 800? Well, honestly, I don't think so. While the front and rear end of this bike is beautiful simply because it looks like a photocopied Superveloce, its overall proportions seem rather off. It's like when you were a kid and you'd draw your favorite motorcycle on a piece of paper—all the details are there, yes, but the proportions seem just a bit off.

For starters, the bike seems to have a rather long wheelbase, almost as if the designers weren't sure if they were going to build a sportbike or a cruiser. If you take a closer look at the ergonomics, you'll notice that the foot pegs are way to forward set for a decent sportbike, and the front end rake seems just a tad too slack. The very basic swing arm and the dual rear shock absorbers are also reminiscent of what you'd find on cheap, budget-focused cruisers. 

The Motrac Unicorn  Wants To Be An MV Agusta Superveloce Someday

Now, as far as performance goes, Motrac isn't fooling anybody. There's absolutely no way the Unicorn could even come close to the performance of the Superveloce 800, let alone other middleweight sportbikes in the market. It gets an 800cc twin-cylinder motor, which pumps out a pedestrian 60 horsepower. The bike's tech features are nothing to write home about, either. So, do you think there's a place for this unicorn in your stable?  

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