Another one!

What we have here today is the brand new Royal Enfield Himalayanwait, what? Oh no, here we go again. Another Chinese copycat bike. What you're seeing here is the G30, the latest and greatest from Chinese motorcycle company, Hanway. At first glance, you'd seriously think that this bike was indeed an RE Himalayan, thanks to design cues which, let's just say, seem to draw inspiration from the classic-styled adventure bike

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is loved the world over thanks to its simple yet effective formul: bulletproof construction and go-anywhere capability. Devoid of any sophisticated modern-day tech, the Himalayan's charm lies in the fact that it is a nod to bikes of days past. In what seems like an attempt to one-up Royal Enfield, Hanway has loaded their G30 chock-full of fancy tech. So, does this high-tech copycat really have what it takes to go up against the Royal Enfield Himalayan?

The Hanway G30 Looks Suspiciously Familiar
The Hanway G30 Looks Suspiciously Familiar

Let's try to set aside the fact that this bike is a blatant copy of the Himalayan for bit, and look at it in greater detail. Who knows, it could actually be a good bike. So, getting right into it, the Hanway G30 gets modern amenities like LED lights, inverted forks, and tubeless tires. Additionally, the G30 boasts a massive, full-color TFT display. At its heart is a 249.2cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine pumping out 26 ponies. It gets 280mm and 240mm discs front and rear, and comes standard with dual-channel ABS. 

As you can see, on paper, the Hanway G30 stacks up nicely as a beginner-friendly, go anywhere machine. Launched in China at CNY 17,280, or the equivalent of $2,654 USD, this bike has the potential to be a pretty decent entry point for budget-conscious first-time motorcyclists. It's just unfortunate that Hanway had to resort to copying the styling of the Himalayan. Perhaps if Hanway contracted a third-party designer similar to what other, more reputable motorcycle manufacturers are doing, the G30 could stand as an original, non-copycat machine.

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