Walking a track is only fun the first time.

We all know that MotoGP teams are extremely busy in the paddock all season long. Thing is, officials from MotoGP’s officiating body, Dorna, are pretty busy as well. Walking is great, but not if you’re in a particular hurry. That’s where Yamaha comes in, as Team Blue just re-signed with Dorna to supply a fleet of scooters for the 2021 season. 

A full complement of 25 of Yamaha’s capable NMAX 125 scoots were deployed at the season-opening Grand Premio 888 de Portugal in Portimão. They’ll be among the essential equipment that Dorna carries with it from race to race as the year progresses, as well.  

"Yamaha has been the official supplier of scooters to Dorna Sports and the FIM MotoGP World Championship since 2005 and we’re proud that this partnership will continue in 2021,” said Yamaha Motor Europe director of marketing and motorsport Paolo Pavesio, in a statement. 

Yamaha MotoGP NMAX Scooters 2021

“Yamaha will provide a fleet of the updated NMAX 125, a scooter that, with excellent agility, easy stability, generous inbuilt storage capacity and its sporty Yamaha DNA, has been a bestseller in both Europe and Asia and is a perfect fit for the demands of the MotoGP paddock,” he concluded. 

Naturally, Dorna is pleased with the ongoing continuation of this agreement, as well. “We're very happy to continue our longstanding agreement with Yamaha and for them to remain on board as the official scooter supplier of the Championship,” said Dorna Sports managing director Pau Serracanta in a statement. 

“Yamaha supply quality, reliable scooters for Dorna staff to use in the MotoGP paddock and make the logistics of running the world's fastest motorcycle World Championship that much more efficient. I'm very much looking forward to riding one of the new fleet of NMAX scooters, as are all of our colleagues on site,” he concluded. 

There’s no word on whether anyone ever races these scoots against one another at any point during the season, but here’s hoping they do at some point. 

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