Back in 2019, the Silk Way Rally welcomed bikes to its starting line for the very first time in its history. It was poised to continue in 2020, with plans to reroute due to COVID-19 discussed as early as February. Like so many things last year, it was ultimately canceled. The thing about a global pandemic is, it’s global—and unfortunately, all humans, no matter their location, could potentially be affected.  

Thankfully, things are looking a good deal more optimistic in March, 2021, than they were this time last year, though. That’s likely why Silk Way Rally organizers just opened up registration for the 2021 event, which is currently on the calendar for July 1 through 11, 2021. It will cross parts of Russia and Mongolia, as it hews close to the main regions that were part of the historic Silk Road in the Central Asian region. Registration will remain open until June 1. 

For 2021, the rally will start in Russia’s Omsk region, then cross into the Altay territory. In all, competitors can expect to cross about seven different types of terrain during this event, including various types of steppes, forests, mountains, deserts, and running water bodies including rivers and brooks.  

Organizers are holding the entry fees at the same levels as those found in 2019, with no increase in the new year. Fees vary based on vehicle type, and you can find a full schedule of those fees here. It’s worth noting that if your team is all women, or your crew is under the age of 30, your entrance fees are free for 2021, regardless of vehicle type. Reduced fees apply if you register by April 15, and standard fees apply between April 16 and June 1.  

If you’re thinking of participating, please also note that the fees are for the event only, and don’t include such other necessities as fuel, visas, sporting licenses, accommodations, and transportation to and from the event. Organizers also wish to encourage competitors using alternative fuels, in a bid to promote eco-responsibility. There’s mention of such vehicles and teams benefiting from “favorable entry conditions,” although no specific details of what that phrase actually means are mentioned. If you’re interested in entering such a vehicle, you may want to inquire with organizers about what’s involved. 

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