The Silk Way Rally will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2020—but plans might change between now and race time. The event is scheduled to take place between July 3 and 16, 2020, and will definitely start in Moscow’s Red Square, as well as return to Kazakhstan for some of its 12 total rally stages in 2020.

The details that might change are the stages originally scheduled to take place in China. According to Vladimir Chagin, head of the Silk Way Rally, the SWR Organization Committee is very closely monitoring the current outbreak of COVID-19 (also referred to as 2019-nCoV, a particularly contagious strain of coronavirus). 

The official notice reads in part, “If there is any danger to the health and safety of rally competitors, the SWR sporting department will modify the final stage of the race route. The race will be conducted anyway, and we will ensure its total safety. We offer our full support to all our Chinese partners and hope the situation will get better very soon. The final decision on the exact route of the Silk Way Rally will be made shortly.” 




Registration is currently open for the 2020 SWR, if you want to participate. At the time of writing, the World Health Organization’s most recent Situation Report on COVID-19 is dated February 19, 2020. Globally, WHO reports 75,204 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 74,280 of those cases located in China, and mainly centered in Hubei province. 

Over the past three days, around 2,000 new cases have been confirmed globally each day. Additionally, WHO reports a current confirmed case fatality ratio of 2.3 percent within China, as based on data provided by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. For comparison, the case fatality ratio for measles in the U.S. is 15 percent, according to the CDC. 

As this is an evolving situation, these numbers could change over time as new data emerges. For everyone’s sake, we hope for the development of effective treatments for those affected, as well as a speedy resolution to this extremely serious public health concern. 

Sources: Silk Way Rally, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control

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