There’s little question that the Triumph Trident 660 is both an approachable and also an extremely beautiful naked bike. Plenty of ink—both literal and digital—has already been spilled listing all the reasons it’s such an important model, as well. While some may be of the opinion that it could use better brakes or a suspension upgrade, its appearance is generally seen as being completely on point. 

What if you wish it wasn’t a naked, though? What if, and hear me out, you wish it had a half-fairing, or maybe even a full fairing? When an OEM sets the design bar so high to begin with, it’s a tall order to improve upon it. However, it appears that’s exactly what Rome-based aftermarket parts designer Arton Works did. Friends, you’ve met the Trident. Now, meet Neptune.  

Neptune is the name of Arton’s two-stage fairing kit for the Triumph Trident 660. As of March, 2020, the firm hasn’t gotten its hands on a Trident of its own just yet. That means right now, the Neptune R and S designs are in pre-production. The Neptune S adds a half-fairing to the Trident 660, while the Neptune R builds on the S kit to create a beautiful, flowing full fairing that honors all the lines and beauty of the original Trident 660.  

Arton Works Triumph Trident 660 Neptune R Render

Arton Works is a project of motorcycle design instructor Davide Colombi, who is also currently an automotive designer for Ferrari. The company specializes in aftermarket bolt-on parts for various Triumph models, all of which are built to go straight on the bike without requiring any cutting, welding, or additional modification on your part. Both the Neptune fairing kits will be designed to function the same way, as well—just as soon as Arton has its own Trident 660 in its clutches so it can properly construct its practical designs for real-world use. 

That’s also why there’s no pricing or availability information as of March 8, 2020. However, if you’re interested, you can follow Arton on social media and/or sign up on its website to stay up-to-date on all Neptune developments in the future. 

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