In the Philippines, the recent months have seen the increase in police visibility and law enforcement plying the streets. Both manned checkpoints as well as no-contact apprehensions by way of CCTV cameras have been setup in a bid to make the roads safer and ensure that traffic rules and regulations are being followed. 

On major highways and thoroughfares, Philippine National Police - Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) checkpoints have been a frequent sighting, with police officers ticketing traffic violators for multiple offenses. The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has also been hard at work in ticketing traffic infractions by erring motorists. Remember that dude who was caught on the sidewalk? The MMDA sure did its job in ensuring offenders are put in their place. 

Despite increasing police visibility and bolstering the enforcement of traffic rules and regulations the PNP-HPG still finds itself rather undermanned when it comes to keeping an eye out on the public roads. In a bid to address this shortage of individuals, the agency has opened its doors to volunteers who share the same passion for making the roads a safer place. In fact, the PNP-HPG extended an invite to all motorcycle riders to be part of their volunteer force multipliers. It doesn’t matter what type of bike you ride, you are eligible to apply to be a part of the PNP-HPG volunteer force multipliers.

So, how exactly do you apply? Well, you must first register and become a member of the Full Spectrum Riders Association of the Philippines (FSRAP). This can be done by heading over to your nearest HPG office. For those living in Metro Manila, this can easily be done by visiting the RHPU-NCR in Camp Crame, located in Quezon City. Additionally, a few documents consisting of an accomplished application form, police clearance, as well as an endorsement from the regional HPG chief are required. Lastly, proof of ownership such as the motorcycle’s registration documents, as well as a valid driver's license are needed, as well.

It’s important to note, however, that volunteers who are a member of the PNP-HPG force multipliers are in no way whatsoever allowed to carry out police duties. That means no flagging down vehicles, no issuing citations, and no abuse of power. Instead, it's the volunteer's role to serve as an additional set of eyes and will log and report violations to the authorized personnel for appropriate action to be taken. 

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