Put those TFT instruments to good use.

Are you the owner of a previous-model Triumph Street Triple or Tiger 800? If you are, and you’ve also been wishing you could use the My Triumph Connectivity System, the team at Hinckley have a sweet holiday present for you. Let’s check it out. 

From December 21, 2020, Triumph is proud to offer a new My Triumph Connectivity System Retrofit Package for some previous-model bikes. If you have a 2017 to 2019 Street Triple or a 2018 to 2019 Tiger 800 variant with TFT instruments, you can easily make this upgrade. Additionally, a retrofit version will also be available for Speed Triples and Tiger 1200s sometime in 2021. 

What does this connectivity package do for you? First and foremost, you’ll be able to use the free My Triumph smartphone app, which is available both for Android and iOS users. For the first time ever, Google teamed up with a motorcycle OEM to develop a turn-by-turn navigation system that uses Google’s maps as its backbone. You’ll get clear turn-by-turn navigation instructions on your TFT instruments, as well as voice guidance through any Bluetooth headset you choose to connect. 

The My Triumph Connectivity System also gives you integrated GoPro controls, with communication between your GoPro setup, your TFT instrument cluster, and a left-hand switch cube. Other features include both phone and music operation, as you’d expect. That includes the ability to make and receive calls, see your SMS messages, and control your music via that left-hand switch cube. 

Finally, there’s a My Garage feature in the My Triumph app that helps you keep tabs on your Triumph’s health, including monitoring time and distance to your next service. If this sounds like the promise of something you’ve been wishing you had, you should check with your local Triumph dealer regarding pricing and availability in your region.