The (WSBK) wrapped up in Portugal to a very familiar result this year. Six-time WSBK champion walked away with the top prize yet again but that doesn’t mean his work is over. With the 2020 season only one month behind us, the Kawasaki Race Team (KRT) went back to the track with a little surprise up its sleeve for the WSBK Winter Test. Donning a black carbon-fiber livery and menacing new front fairing, KRT provided the first sneak peek at the next generation Ninja ZX-10RR.

Aside from the stealthy color scheme, the new Ninja receives a much-needed facelift. With rivals like Ducati, Yamaha, and BMW contemporizing the literbike look in the past few seasons, Team Green arrives at the party with a no-nonsense front fairing. From the heavy brow ridge over the headlights to the massive air intake, the new face of the Ninja series feels more threatening than ever. The brand is using that angle to launch a press campaign with the #FaceYourself slogan at its core.

The Northern Irishman’s message, while cryptic, certainly alludes to an official unveiling by Kawasaki in the coming days. If the 23-11-2020 date flashed at the end of the video is any suggestion, we should look forward to a Monday-morning announcement from the Akashi-based brand. Marketing campaigns aside, we fully expect a Kawi Green variant, but we’re hopeful that Kawi can deliver a Winter livery similar to Ducati’s latest Panigale V4.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR WSBK Winter Test - Alex Lowes
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR WSBK Winter Test - Jonathan Rea

While the ZX-10RR's new image stole most of the headlines, the WSBK Winter Test was more than just a dress rehearsal. Both Alex Lowes and the reigning champ hopped aboard the shadowy new Ninja and spun some spirited laps around the Jerez Circuit. Kawasaki claims the new front fairing adds stability and reduces drag which should propel the KRT team to more success in 2021. For now, we’ll wait patiently for the 2021 Ninja ZX-10RR's formal introduction next week while we drool over the Winter Test livery.

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