If you want to get your hands on a Royal Enfield bike in the U.S., you can either do business with a distributor or visit an actual Royal Enfield dealership. In some markets Italy, however, instead of having its own banner shops, Royal Enfield distributes its product via importers.   

The Valentino Motor Company has been Royal Enfield’s main importer for the Italian market for the past five years. To celebrate their fruitful collaboration, the manufacturer and the importer teamed up to create a collection of ten special-edition Continental GTs and Interceptor 650s.   

By “special editions”, we really mean “special celebratory paint jobs”. The Valentino Motor editions are available in ultra-limited numbers. There are four special Continental liveries and six Interceptors, and only five of each are going to be produced.  

Gallery: Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Valentino Motori Limited Edition

The choices of special-edition colors for the Interceptor 650 are Matte Black, Matte Bronze and Black, Matte Military Green and Black, Matte Grey and Black, Grey and Black, and Matte Green and Black. For the Continental GT, the choices include Matte Black, Matte Red and Black, Matte Grey and Black, and British Racing Green and Black. Each bike is going to be identified with its serial number out of five and a special Valentino Motor sticker.   

From a mechanical standpoint, both the Interceptor and the Continental are identical to their regular counterparts and run on the same 650cc parallel-twin rated at 47 horsepower.  

Gallery: Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Valentino Motor Limited Edition

Pricing for the limited-edition bikes is set at €8,450 (US$9,900) for the Interceptor 650 and €8,750 (US$10,265) for the Continental. Buyer can also add a set of Öhlins suspension for €1,000 (US$1,175) and a Zard slip-on exhaust for €600 (US$700). The bikes are going to be available starting in December, 2020.  

If you’re living for the look, we don’t mean to disappoint, but the Valentino Motor edition Twins are only available in Italy. If you’re in the area and are considering buying a Royal Enfield, this could be your chance to get your hands on a little something special.  


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