Today is October 7, 2020, and if you’re a Suzuki fan, you know that today is launch day for something-or-other for Suzuki India. What could it be?  

It turns out that it is, indeed, a new display that the Access 125 and Burgman Street 125 scooters will now share. What did Suzuki mean when it kept teasing that there would be a new technology involved? While we wouldn’t call it “revolutionary” (as Suzuki itself did in its teasers), both scoots now have Bluetooth connectivity with your phone. It’s an added level of convenience and security if you’re thinking about purchasing a new Suzuki scoot. 

You’ll need to download the Suzuki Ride Connect app—which, by the way, is for Android phones only—in order to take full advantage of these new features. The new display offers turn-by-turn navigation, as well as an estimated time of arrival calculator that functions in real time.  

In addition to navigation, your phone can now send a variety of alerts to your in-dash display to keep you informed as you ride. Caller ID, missed calls, incoming SMS, and WhatsApp alerts will all push through to display on your dash so you’ll know if you need to pull over and attend to any important messages that come in. Your phone’s battery charge status also appears on the display once you’ve paired it with your scoot, so you know sooner if your phone needs a charge. 

Suzuki Access 125 and Burgman Street 125

Do you ever have trouble remembering where you parked your scoot? The Suzuki Ride Connect app can help with that, too. There’s a feature that does exactly what it says in the name, called “Last Parked Location.” Open the app on your phone and use it to help you find your scoot next time you can’t remember. Finally, there’s an automatic trip information-sharing option in the app. Use this next time you want to let your friends or family know your road progress in real time.  

Other updates to the Access 125 and Burgman Street 125 include new LED position lights to offer better illumination on the Access 125, as well as two new colors: Metallic Royal Bronze for the Access 125, or Matte Blue for either the Access 125 or Burgman Street 125. These are additions to several existing colors you could previously choose from for both scoots.  

What does all this newness cost? The price is Rs. 84,600 for the Burgman Street 125 (around $1,154). The Access 125 is available with your choice of either disc or drum brakes, and the price varies between those two options. The disc brake variant costs Rs. 78,600 (around $1,073), while the drum brake variant costs Rs. 77,700 ($1,060). All listed prices provided by Suzuki are ex-showroom Delhi (in other words, before taxes and fees are assessed to get them on the road), and may vary by location. 

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