Suzuki is well known for their race-inspired liveries especially when it comes to its street bikes. Apart from giving the bikes a unique style, these liveries give MotoGP enthusiasts the opportunity to show their support for their favorite teams, even while commuting to and from work onboard their motorcycles. Perhaps the most popular MotoGP-inspired livery would be Suzuki's Triton Blue color scheme found in everything from the entry level Gixxer 150, all the way up to the fire breathing GSX-R1000

Luckily for Suzuki's fans, the brand has released new color schemes across all the entry-level Gixxer models for the Indian market. For starters, Suzuki's new Triton Blue Silver livery found on the brand's 2020 MotoGP race bikes has been adapted for street use particularly for the Gixxer SF 250. This color scheme gives the bike a premium look and feel, with an aesthetic that makes it appear to punch above its weight class. Plus, who wouldn't be proud to flaunt Suzuki's newest livery on the way to the grocery?

Suzuki Gixxer 250 Triton Blue

For those who prefer a more upright riding position, the Suzuki Gixxer 250 doesn't miss out on a new palette either. The naked Gixxer now comes in Suzuki's signature Triton Blue livery as seen in the company's race bikes of previous years. Despite missing out on the swanky new Triton Blue Silver, the Gixxer 250 in Triton Blue livery is still bound to turn some heads and give off that unmistakable Suzuki aesthetic. 

Suzuki Gixxer Mira Red

Lastly, for those who choose to ride on the side of subtlety, Suzuki has also released a sharp and sleek red color scheme dubbed Pearl Mira Red for the Gixxer SF 250. Featuring prominently displayed Gixxer badging and red rim accents, this color looks more at home on the street, and exudes elegance and aggressiveness. To top it all off, the Pearl Mira Red colorway is also available on the Gixxer 150 SF—making this sharp aesthetic available in the entry level segment. Much to the pleasure of Suzuki enthusiasts, all the new color schemes pose no increase in price for any of the variants listed above.

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