Today is September 16, 2020—which means you have about one month to vote on your favorite bike in the 2020 Triumph Bonneville Build-Off. From today through October 14, you can choose from one of nine finalists over at the official Triumph UK event page. Your vote will help decide the overall best bike of the year, with additional awards being decided by a panel of judges. 

Dealers across the UK are participating in the build-off, with a couple of basic rules to compete. Entries could use either the 900cc or 1200cc Bonnevilles as their canvases, as well as any and all genuine Triumph accessories they desired. From there, dealers were encouraged to design, engineer, and craft whatever beautiful custom machines they desired. It’s kind of like when you give a class full of kids free rein with the art supplies, and suddenly there’s glitter everywhere. Beautiful!  

While all are undeniably Bonnies, you can see several different design philosophies at work throughout this range. Even though there are only nine finalists here, each one offers something a bit different, from a VE Day Commemorative WW2 throwback to one shop reimagining what a modern Daytona might look like.  

VE Day Commemorative Bike
Speed Racer

If building a custom bike to be voted on by a large group of people isn’t pressure enough, one shop decided to up the ante just a little bit more. Triumph West London designer Tom Daniels and builder Davide took to Facebook Live to build the bike in real time in their showroom for an added challenge, resulting in the Speed Twin JLC. It’s equipped with a full Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, LSL top yoke, Free Spirits tail tidy, and an SC Project exhaust so you can’t possibly forget what you just heard.  

Gallery: 2020 Triumph Bonneville Build-Off

You can take a look at all the entries—including additional photos—and cast your vote here. In addition to the overall best-in-show award that you’ll help decide, four expert judges will give out a Design Award, Inspiration Award, Paint & Custom Award, and a Retail Choice Award. Voting closes October 14, 2020, with all winners to be announced on October 28. 

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