If you want to upgrade your helmet communicator, Sena’s got a limited-time offer for its latest 50R and 50S units. Until June 30, 2020, Sena will give you a $150 rebate on the new devices, if you trade in older Sena 30k communicators. 

The new 50R and 50S communicators use Sena Mesh 2.0 technology. The company claims this will transfer up to 80 percent more data between communicators. Along with the new Bluetooth 5 system, this means better audio quality and better connections between headsets. There's also a WiFi adapter for automated firmware updates, better speakers, and quicker recharge times.  

Sena’s New Open Mesh mode allows group functionality similar to a CB radio, for communications over a range of up to five miles, with a near-limitless number of users, depending which mode you’re using. Group Mesh mode offers similar functionality, but for a maximum of 24 users, for more private conversations. Both the 50R and 50S have this functionality. 

Sena wants users with older devices to upgrade to Mesh 2.0. Starting in May, 2020, it’s offering a free firmware update for the new programming. It’s valid for Sena 30K, Momentum Evo and +Mesh headsets. For full details of the Mesh 2.0 upgrade process, check out the Sena website. 

As for the limited-time rebate on new units, it’s a simple process. Riders must purchase a Sena 50R or 50S from the Sena website, then send in a rebate form within 30 days of the purchase. Sena will send the rider a pre-paid shipping label. Use that label to send in the 30k communicator, and Sena will issue a $150 rebate.  

You can find the rebate form here; if you’ve got more questions, email rebate@sena.com or check out the trade-in program page. Sena’s regular pricing for the new communicators is $339 US for a single 50R or 50S communicator, and $599 for a two-device set. 

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