We’re only at the end of April 2020 and it’s already been a busy year for India’s TVS Motor Company Limited. In addition to scooping up the troubled Norton Motorcycles earlier in April, the company just confirmed big plans for its existing BMW partnership. Around the world, we currently get two bikes engineered by BMW but produced by TVS: the G310 R and the G310 GS.  

Meanwhile, in India, there’s a third bike available with the same engine: the TVS Apache RR 310. That bike’s engine was recently upgraded to meet India’s BS6 emissions requirements. Now, TVS president and CEO K.N. Radhakrishnan told Money Control that another bike could result from this partnership.  

“With respect to BMW, I think they are extremely happy. The two products are doing extremely well. We have launched our one version [the Apache RR 310] on that platform, the new one with BS-VI engine was recently launched. And we, possibly next year, will have one more variant of that from TVS Motor Company,” Radhakrishnan said.  

Gallery: TVS Apache RR 310

We don’t know for a fact that it will come in 2021, but at least we do know for sure that another 310 is in the works. However, we still have yet to learn whether it will bear TVS branding, or possibly be the production version of the G 310 RR conceptLooking at the fully-faired TVS Apache RR 310, it doesn’t seem like that huge of a stretch. 

If it is the G 310 RR, how likely is the U.S. to eventually see it? The newly-updated Apache RR 310’s engine has already been retooled to make it BS6 compliant. Part of the point of India’s BS6 emissions standards was to bring them in line with European standards. Apart from improving air quality across India, it also makes these bikes easier to export since those emissions standards are already met. Since the existing G 310 R and G 310 GS models are sold around the world, then, theoretically, so could a G 310 RR, if that’s what’s in the pipeline.  

As with all speculation, we may not see it come true, but we can certainly hope that it does. I’ve ridden the G 310 R and totally want one in my garage at some point. Could it be a G 310 RR instead? We’ll see. 

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