The BMW G 310 R has been around for a few years now and the brand’s first incursion into the realm of entry-level models has been pretty successful. Some, however, thought the tiny naked model needed a sporty sister to hang out with. Until now, BMW had given us very little to work with regarding the possible introduction of a G variant. The inquiries had so far been met with the silent austerity of a Bavarian secret keeper. It looks like the seal has finally broken, however, and just like that, without any grand reveal, or bells, or whistles, Japan (and the world) got its first look at the G 310 RR.

G Forces

The concept showed up during BMW Motorrad Days. Modestly displayed on a wooden stage, the G 310 RR-branded motorcycle became a confirmation that BMW had heard us and that it was indeed working on a fully-faired 310. The design borrows heavily from the S 1000 RR—the current design, not the one recently leaked—down to the slit-like frontal air intake and fairing gills.

The side-hung exhaust of the G 310 R has been moved and can now be seen peeking out from under the pillion. The fairing and gas tank look entirely made of carbon fiber and the riding position has been slightly radicalized. It really does look like a baby S.

Considering the name plastered all over the concept, we can expect the RR to use the same 313cc block as its naked counterpart. We're not sure when we'll get any more info on the new 310, but we guess we'll see a proper production version debut at this year’s Intermot or EICMA and production to begin for model year 2019. If the new BMW G 310 RR is anything like the G 310 R, future riders are in for a treat and a pleasant surprise.

Sources: Car and Bike, Autocar India


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