As we mentioned on April 16, 2020, it seems that Yamaha may be bringing its WR 155R dirt bike to India. What can eager Indian dirt bike fans expect out of Team Blue’s first dirt foray in their country? This model was released in Indonesia earlier in the year, and as you can see in the video, it’s pretty zippy. 

The WR uses the same 155cc thumper found in the Yamaha R15 V3 sportbike, which is BS6-compliant and is already currently sold in India. While the same engine doesn’t necessarily mean the two bikes are exactly alike in every respect, as it turns out, the WR can reach a top speed of 151 kilometers per hour. That’s nearly 94 miles per hour!  

To be absolutely clear, this was a completely stock WR 155R that the shop used in this dyno test video, taken at Plug and Play Performance Tuning Bureau in Indonesia. No modifications whatsoever were performed upon this bike prior to taking it for a test. It had 1,000 kilometers on the clock when it came in, or just over 621 miles.  

How about power? As this dyno test reveals, the WR makes 16.7 pferdestarke, or 16.47 horsepower at 10,000 rpm. Peak torque is 14.3 newton metersor 10.5 foot-pounds at 6,500 rpm, which makes sense considering this bike’s purpose.  

There’s still no word on when exactly India can expect to see the WR touch down on its shores, but until that time, it looks as though there’s plenty to get excited about. Provided the price is right, it will be interesting to see how well the WR takes off for Team Blue, particularly as compared to its popular engine-sharing rival, the R15 V3. Yamaha India is taking the current market into consideration to decide when and if it’s going to bring the WR there, but it’s unclear how much study the company can do while we’re all on lockdown.  

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