After months of rumorsKawasaki finally unveiled the new Asian market-specific ZX-25R in October, 2019Even though the chances of getting the bike stateside are pretty slim at the moment, we’re still fascinated by the tiny Ninja and its half-pint, inline-four engine.  

So, of course, when Kawasaki Indonesia shared a video showing the baby Ninja on the dyno, we jumped on the occasion to share it with you.  

The video doesn’t reveal anything about the bike that we don’t already know. It’s only the Kawasaki guy jumping in the saddle and flexing the little four pot to make it sing. Why write about it? Because too many ZX-25R videos isn’t a thing, and if you disagree, we can’t be friends anymore.  

We also get to have a proper listen at how the inline-four sounds and I have to admit: the bike sounds kind of gnarly for its size. You wouldn’t normally say that a Ninja 250 “sounds good” but add two cylinders and, weirdly, it turns into a different experience 

Since the model was unveiled, we’ve learned that the small-displacement engine produces 45 horsepower and that it redlines at 17,000 rpmWe also got to watch Superbike racer Jonathan Rea take the bike out for a spin on the track in Jerez and see him reach a (observable) top speed of 100 mph. Bit by bit, we’re starting to get the full picture.  

This short stint on the dyno is just another piece of the puzzle. This time, we get to see (or hear?) how spiky the acceleration can be and how quickly you can reach that ludicrous redline. The expression “tiny but mighty” comes to mind. Now, we can only hope that the manufacturer will hear our plea and export the model so that we too will get to experience the power of the tiny four.  

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