Kawasaki introduced a new entry point to its SuperSport segment today by unveiling the Ninja ZX-25R. Along with the supercharged naked Z H2, Team Green is giving the public a first look at its newest Ninja at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Kawasaki’s 250cc Ninja shares the same high-performance DNA as its ZX family members with an inline-four, dual-overhead cam engine. That lineage is most evident in the split-headlight nose and lime green, black, and red livery. Showing off a similar paint job to the KRT version of the Ninja ZX-6R and ZX-10R, the small capacity bike is distinctly Ninja.

Though the ZX-25R resides at the bottom of the SuperSport totem pole, Kawasaki equipped the baby Ninja with USD forks, horizontal back-link suspension, and radial-mounted monoblock calipers. If trick components aren’t enough for fledgling track stars the electronics suite should do the job with ABS, ride modes, and traction control augmenting the ride.

While Team Green didn’t make the ZX-25R’s power figures readily available, some speculate that the 16-valve motor could pump out close to 60 horsepower. It seems like we’ll have to wait for EICMA 2019 for Kawasaki to publish specs on the mini-mill, but with four cylinders sharing a 249cc load, it’s almost destined to be buttery smooth. 

While brands like Harley and Ducati hog most of the name recognition in the motorcycling game, no model has the level of notoriety that Kawasaki’s Ninja line enjoys. With the Ninja 400 offering an affordable and lightweight option to new riders, the addition of the Ninja ZX-25R signals a small-displacement renaissance in Kawi’s historic range. We’ll be sure to update our findings on Team Green’s new Ninja as EICMA 2019 approaches, but for now, it’s good to see a track-ready 250 in Kawasaki’s lineup. 

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