Teaser numero cinco.

So, remember when KTM released its fourth teaser for the 1290 Super Duke R and we thought that had to be it since we had a decent look at the bike. At this point, we knew what to expect and were getting excited to learn more. Guess what.  We were super wrong. KTM isn’t done with us just yet. Haaave you met the 1290 Super Duke R?

Suzuki pulled the same trick with the V-Strom and went from showing inspiring images of someone living his best life to showing the new model in full, boom, just like that. Apparently keeping a bit of the secret for the show isn’t “in” anymore. 

So now KTM treats us to a full one minute and a half of the Super Duke being whipped around on the track with a full, steady look at the bike at the very end. This isn’t the production version of the model since it’s missing a few key elements such as the blinkers and an instrument display (or at least gauges). At this point, this looks like the video KTM would play prior to the bike coming out on stage.

What do we learn from the clip? There isn’t that much left for us to figure out that we haven’t already. We do get a very brief peek at an Akrapovič muffler, though we doubt it will be offered as standard equipment. We can also spot a carbon fiber dorsal decorating the top of the gas tank, framing the gas cap. The final shot of the bike reveals a dual four-piston caliper and discs setup at the front and what looks like a single-piston caliper at the back. So I guess we did pick up a few extra deets prior to the model’s official unveiling taking place at EICMA

For all we know, another video will come up on Friday or Monday with all the power figures. At this point, we wouldn’t even be surprised. 

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