Over the past two weeks, Suzuki has released two teasers that left us scratching our heads—especially the first one. It was likely meant as a poetic reference to the type lifestyle the model teased offers the rider. In this third teaser, Suzuki went all out and cranked things up to 100 by not only showing a bike in the video but literally showing the new model in full. Well, ok there. From confusing teasers to full apparition—go big, or go home.

So what does the video reveal? That the Japanese firm is bringing a new generation of the V-Strom 1000 to EICMA. The last time the model was updated was for the 2014 model-year which is a bit long in the tooth, especially with new emissions standards coming soon coming into play. 

What’s new for 2020? A number of things. Of course, the look of the bike has been upgraded. The semi-pentagonal shaped headlight has been replaced by a rectangular unit à la Katana. The fairing’s design has been reworked as well. The video also hints at the introduction of a new digital display. We can add these new clues to the list of new features that were spotted in the previous teaser that included new rubber pads, off-road pegs, and a new engine casing. 

One thing people are wondering about the new Strom is whether it will get injected with a bit of DR Big DNA. See, in April 2019, a spy shot of a pair of V-Strom-looking test mules was snapped in Europe. It could have been a simple case of “new V-Strom spotted” if it weren’t for the tenacious rumor, based on some “reliable sources” on the inside, that a new DR Big was in the works

Understandably, with a new V-Strom about to launch, talks of the overhauled ADV flagship channeling features of the DR have resumed. We highly doubt this will translate into a one-liter single. Chances are it could be as simple as making the V-Strom lighter and more adventurous—though it cruelly needs a skidplate if it’s going to take off-roading more seriously like the DR did. 

The DR Big is a legendary adventure bike because of its big 800cc single thumper. Big singles are still in existence nowadays, though a rather rare occurrence, aside from Husqvarna’s pair of “Pilens”. 

Suzuki will officially unveil the new V-Strom 1000 at EICMA on November 5. 

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