If you want a strong lesson in how to generate tons of buzz using well-placed leaks as a marketing strategy, you go to Ducati. However, if your goal is confusing the ever-loving sprockets out of your target audience, apparently you call Suzuki’s marketing team. Suzuki, what even is this teaser you’ve just released ahead of EICMA 2019?

The 20-second length isn’t the problem. After all, Suzuki is no stranger to 20-second pre-EICMA teasers. Used efficiently, those 20 seconds can provide ample time for a delicate visual and auditory moto amuse bouche. That’s … not the case here. 

Instead, you get a glimpse of a Suzuki key fob being put down next to a man’s wristwatch on a table. Then you see a text conversation between Henrik and Jochen, discussing going for a motorcycle ride. Cut to: a couple fishing, a man jogging, and two more couples enjoying glasses of wine in a casual setting at someone’s house. 

Then, you see a black card with the text “EICMA, 5th Nov. World Premiere.” Dissolve to the “Suzuki Way of Life!” brand card we’ve all seen millions of times before. That’s it. We get a brief impression of outdoorsiness, and the idea that there’s a Suzuki motorcycle involved in there somewhere. There’s not even the barest hint of an actual motorcycle visual to be found anywhere within these 20 seconds. Heck, the motorcycle emoji didn’t even make an appearance in that brief text conversation we glimpsed.

So, of course, there’s speculating to be done—which is exactly what Suzuki wants. OK, we’ll bite. Plenty of people are thinking about an updated V-Strom, which is certainly a valid line of thinking. The 2020 Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT Adventure is, after all, just an additional trim level added to a bike last updated in 2017. So, this train of thought is not entirely unreasonable.

Since the V-Strom 1000 appears to have gone the way of the dodo, though, it plays awfully nicely into a certain rumor from earlier this year. Could that 1000cc ADV hole in the 2020 Suzuki lineup possibly be filled in 2021 by the long-rumored new V-Strom-based DR Big

As always, your guess is as good as ours—particularly given this teaser that tells us absolutely nothing. Its title hints that there may be more teasers to come ahead of EICMA, since Suzuki Global called it “EICMA teaser Phase 1.” Here’s hoping we get a few more bread crumbs ahead of Moto Christmas 2019 to give us some idea of the path they’re on.

Source: YouTube

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