The mecca of all things motorcycles is coming up. On November 5, 2019, the Milan Motorcycle Show or EICMA will open its doors to the media. An important number of exciting debuts are expected to take place in Milan, one of the most important stages in the industry. BMW Motorrad has confirmed that its Italian booth will feature four world premieres. Are you ready to play the guessing game?

So what could BMW have in the works. The company’s press release confirms that the models will be world premieres so of course, we’re expecting something big that’s either a new generation of an existing model or an entirely new addition to the lineup. With that in mind, there are actually a few possibilities. 

Of course, one of the most obvious would be to see the production-ready R18 hit the stage. We posted spy shots of the motorcycle looking ready to head over to the factory, covered in a blue tarp, and seemingly being loaded on a truck. Heading for Milan, maybe?

Another possible model we’ll see at EICMA is the long-awaited variation of the F 850 GS based on the 9Cento concept BMW showed at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in 2018. A “typo” in a brochure reported in February 2019 pointed to the “F 850 RS” tourer. Then, in April, a Brazilian patent filing confirmed the impending arrival of a new sport-touring model, possibly an F 850 RS or XR that gives the existing 850 a touring twist. 

Always in the sport-touring segment, the BMW S 1000 XR is expected to receive the engine upgrade from the S 1000 RR with Shiftcam technology. This rumor surfaced after the disappearance of the XR from the NHTSA’s list of approved 2020 BMW models. The XR has been around since 2015 and has yet to be updated. In addition, the Euro 5 standards will take effect in 2020, so an engine update is to be expected it the model is to remain in the lineup. 

In the summer, we also got to take our first peak at BMW’s vision of an electric motorcycle, the Vision DC Roadster. To say that in only four or five months, such a concept can go from dream to reality might be a bit of a stretch but isn’t entirely impossible. 

Yet another possibility is the long-awaited G 310 RR baby sportbike, derived from the existing G 310 GS and R. The manufacturer did unveil a concept of the bike last year, after all.The recently spotted M models filed in Europe could also be part of the BMW EICMA 2019 plan. Or maybe one of the “new” models will simply be a sixth iteration of the R nineT... 

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