Suzuki just released another abstract teaser video in the build up to EICMA. After the first video focused on the “Way of Life” tagline and outdoorsy tropes, it seemed obvious the bike would be an off-road or adventure style bike. The video launched on October 23, 2019, seems to confirm that.

This second teaser video is mercifully less obscure than the first, but still a little bit “Mr Plow 2.0”. To decipher it, we had to go to editor Jason, who spent many a year in the 1990s unscrambling cable images in his brain. He was able to use those skills to point out the V-Strom style beak, handguards and an upright ADV silhouette on the mystery bike.

Eagle-eyed spotters also point out the removable rubber pads on the off-road style foot pegs, the new engine casings, and LED indicators. The striking orange livery is perhaps an indication Suzuki will deliver a special edition bike with some sort of retro livery.

If this is a V-Strom update our bet is on the 1000cc model. Reason being, the 650cc was last revised in 2017. The 1000 hasn’t been upgraded properly since 2014, so a new one is due. Also, the aggressive fuel tank and beak in the teaser video looks more like the 1000 than the smaller DL650.  

A new engine is likely needed for Euro 5 compliance anyway, and the cases and cylinders haven’t changed a lot since the first iteration of the V-Strom in the early 2000s. We’d also like to see new suspension and perhaps even electronic adjustment. Heated grips and cruise control would be welcome too.

What’s on your wish list for a new V-Strom? We’ll find out how much Suzuki is willing to bring to the table at EICMA on November 5. 

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