Some would argue that the best innovations come out of hard times. That’s what the Electro Horse creator Anton Filipenko is betting on with his new creation, which he considers “the transport of the future that comes from the past.” To be fair, it does look quite old-school—but it comes with the twist of being fully electric.

Filipenko has already built and tested a prototype. Claimed stats on this all-terrain trike are that it can charge from a regular 220V outlet in just 90 minutes, that it can go 170 to 200km on a single charge (that’s 105 to 124 miles), and that its top speed is 80kph (or just under 50mph). 

According to Filipenko, he’s also tested it under all weather conditions. I haven’t tried to function in a Russian winter, but I’ve spent a lifetime functioning in Chicago winters—so I feel like I can definitely appreciate how vital such testing would be for the finished product. 

Gallery: Electro Horse Trike

Filipenko says he was inspired by the humble beginnings of two guys you’ve probably heard of before: William Harley and Arthur Davidson. He says that he loves his country, but he’s disappointed that it has fallen behind in certain sectors—including motor engineering. That’s another reason he wants to push forward and innovate in this sphere.

Of course, going from a prototype to a finished, sellable production model is a step unto itself. That’s why Filipenko is now crowdfunding this project. On his fundraising page, he wrote, “A prototype has already been produced and passed the tests. It is for ourselves, [but] we understand that the E-Horse requires minor modifications. To do this, we need to purchase materials and equipment. Upon reaching 100% of the fundraising result, we will be able to complete the necessary improvements and begin sales.”

The fundraising amount FIlipenko is seeking to raise isn’t exorbitant. As of August 23, 2019, there are 65 days remaining in his campaign, by which he hopes to raise 389,000 ₽ (or US$5,890). Perks with the various levels of sponsorship include t-shirts, posters, and branded powerbanks—on up to a test ride of the completed vehicle. The very top donation level of 370,000 ₽ (or US$5,609) gets you your very own, hand-built Electro Horse. 

As with many crowdfunded projects, it’s an interesting idea if it works as claimed. Of course, time will tell if that’s the case. We’ll be watching for results with healthy amounts of hopefulness and skepticism. 

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