People off-roading things other people wouldn’t—this is what we should call the series in which we dig out awesome people off-roading awesome things that shouldn’t normally be... "off-roaded". We've talked about a Ninja 300 and even about a pair of Goldwings. In comparison, taking a Honda Monkey on the trails doesn’t seem as big of a deal.  With companies banking on the tiny bike’s versatility for adventure tours in South America, this isn’t the craziest bike we’ve seen someone take to the trails. That being said, we can’t help but find any initiative involving the Monkey incredibly cool. Including a one-hour-long video of a guy off-roading in Colorado. Too long, don’t care.

YouTuber Botkin Racing has recently posted a number of videos in which he straddles a little yellow Honda Monkey. The latest one shows him tackle dust, ponds, and rock on a trail in Colorado. Yes, always on the Monkey. The little bugger is surprisingly capable. 

Introduced in Honda’s newly created mini moto lineup last year, the Monkey has a miniature scrambler look going on. While it isn’t exactly set up to be a proper off-roader, at 231 lb and with close to 4 inches of travel front and back (or not), you can swap the tires for knobbies and call it a day. 

That’s pretty much what Botkin Racing did—fitted the Monkey with a set of Kenda Big Block tires. The YouTube commented on how well the miniature bike performed in the dirt and the mud on the 12-mile journey through the woods. He even marvelled at the fact that despite a 1,230-feet change in altitude, the Monkey soldiered on without as much as a cough. Good job, little yellow. Bonus: the sound of a really nice and healthy-sounding engine serves as the soundtrack to this pastoral trek through the woods. If only the video wasn’t so darn long.  

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