Anybody who has ever dealt with children in any capacity knows: they have approximately zero self-preservation instinct, and nothing prevents them from doing things like wandering out into traffic, or sticking things into inappropriate orifices, or eating things that aren’t food.

Caring for toddlers is a constant battle to keep them from injuring themselves, and that is what one North Carolina mother had to do one afternoon when she discovered that her son, while dutifully buckled into his car seat in the back seat of her moving car, had inhaled a band-aid and was choking on it.

“Who tries to eat a band-aid?” I hear so many of you blissfully childless motorcyclists cry. Well, remember that part about eating things that are not food? That applies right here.

When this toddler’s mom noticed him choking, she stopped in the middle lane of a busy road (yikes) just short of a rotary to try to help him. At that moment, a woman on a motorcycle noticed her distress and came to her aid.

Because we motorcyclists are heros, obviously.

This shero motorcyclist got the band-aid out of the baby’s mouth and made sure the kid was breathing and OK. Now, that mom, who was obviously distraught and not thinking straight, is looking for that motorcyclist to thank her.

That’s the thing about motorcycles, isn’t it–we can park them in tiny spots where you might not be able to get out of traffic were you in a car, hop off the bike, save the day, and then return to your ride without much of a delay. Whether this particular motorcyclist’s motivation was pure humanitarianism or a greater sense of needing to end a potentially very dangerous traffic situation (the middle lane near a rotary is a really, really terrible place to stop a car) it does not matter: we applaud her either way.

So, fellow riders, keep on saving babies, rescuing bald eagles, and moving turtles and other slow-moving wildlife off the roadway (always in their original direction of travel, mind). We must where others can’t!

Source: YouTube

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