Thank goodness for this guy on about fifty levels.

It’s one thing to know that quick thinking can make a difference—it’s completely another to see it in action. Back in April 2019, a motorcyclist apparently didn’t see the train crossing gate that was across the road in front of him. As you can see from this video, he seemed to plow straight into it without slowing down.

This happened in the town of Kostelec nad Orlicí, in the Czech Republic—a town of slightly over 6,000 people. Zooming in on the video after the train stops reveals that it is a České dráhy passenger train, and the publication Český rozhlas reported that this accident happened at around 4:30pm on April 21.

For an unknown reason, the motorcyclist, who is elderly, crashed into the barrier. Both rider and bike ended up on the tracks, but a 31-year-old man waiting to catch his train to work that day managed to pull both rider and bike to safety, reported Český rozhlas. It’s not possible to tell if it’s the case from this video, but any rider familiar with riding at that time of day can tell you that sun blindness is a real thing, even in the best riders of all ages.

Czech train hero
photo courtesy of the Czech police

Czech police posted the video online, and also presented the rescuer with an award directly from the Regional Police Director last week. The rider was able to meet and personally thank his rescuer in a much less stressful time, after both men had recovered from the shock of the initial incident. Not much is known about the rescuer—such as whether anything in his professional life would contribute to his impressively quick thinking skills and reflexes in saving both man and machine from much bigger, potentially deadlier machine. In any case, no worries about bystander apathy here—and we need more people like this guy in the world.

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