As motorcyclists we are often stewards of the roads. We can fit through tight spots, we’re maneuverable, we’re armored against not only unplanned meetings with pavement but anything else that we might encounter. I bet most of the people who read this site, have rescued various animals out of the road.

Today’s hero is Dandon Miller of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who was riding his motorcycle on route 30 in Downington, PA and saw traffic starting to back up around an obstruction in the road. He discovered the traffic was caused by a bald eagle in the middle of the road. It had been hit by a car and was in the road, stunned and not fleeing.

Miller pulled his motorcycle over and tossed his favorite flannel over the bird. He called 911 and the emergency operator put him in touch with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research. Miller waited on the side of the road, with the bird all wrapped up, for about 45 minutes, until the bird rescue organization showed up to take custody of the bird.

You’ve probably never had up-close experience with a raptor, but these are very large, very strong, very sharp birds. Their beaks and talons are purpose-made to tear flesh apart. With only a little effort the eagle could have torn him right open, but the bird instead remained calm and allowed Miller to hold it until help arrived.

By all accounts the bird is doing well at the rescue group and is recovering from its encounter with traffic.

The most I’ve done is shooed a flock of indignant turkeys out of the road (actual, literal turkeys, not bad drivers), and helped a few snakes and turtles off the pavement. Even in full motorcycle gear, a bald eagle would give me pause. I’ve nabbed a friend’s escapee cat while geared up and those claws didn’t make it through my leathers, but I bet a raptor’s claws sure would.

Be careful out there folks; help where you can and you might just make the evening news for your good deeds!

Source: The Dodo, TribLIVE, 6ABC

Picture Credit: The Dodo

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