If you’re into the whole desert-raid aesthetic, you can now look the part thanks to the Dainese's latest gear collection named Dunes, an homage in subdued colors to the Paris-Dakar rally and the riders who faced the sand dunes. Whether you just love Dainese swag or are looking for some more serious protection, the Dunes lineup has got you covered.

The retro look of the gear is inspired by the rally’s early days, back in the 70s. The choice of color palette itself is a stark contrast from what we normally see from the brand with a focus on beige, navy, and red, reminiscent of the Dainese gear the raiders wore back then.

The stars of the show are the jackets of course. The Alger Nomad Tex is the rally racer-looking jacket with elbow and shoulder protectors compartments, designed with a blend of mesh and suede and decorated with badging that imitates sponsors. The Kayes jacket model is made out of a flexible, stretchable fabric with compartments that can receive protectors while the Dunes no-wind easily fits on top of any of the other jackets and acts as a weatherproof barrier.As for the Dunes down vest, it provides an extra underlayer to keep you warm when the nights in the desert turn cold. All the designs have been thought out with versatility and practicality in mind. The cuts are more casual, ideal for everyday wear, but the addition of protectors turns them into stylish protective gear. 

Gallery: Dainese Dunes Collection

There are also two ladies’ jacket designs that can also receive the protectors, as well as t-shirts, sweaters, and riding gloves.The Tamba boots and Tan-Tan shoes match the retro desert raider look while providing protection for the feet and ankles. If you’re on the go, the Dunes bag and mid backpack are gorgeous, two-tone blue options that offer an elegant alternative if you're on the market for a bag to travel with. 

The collection is now available online and prices vary from $39.95 for the t-shirts up to $750 for the Kidal leather jacket.

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