Here’s another one for all the video game lovers out there: it’s called “Days Gone.” The protagonist is a biker and rides through most of the game with all of the advantages and disadvantages that come with that.

This game is for Sony’s PS4 and comes out of Bend Studio. It’s a post-apocalyptic zombie game, or, more accurately, a “survivor horror biker adventure.” The hero of the story is a biker named Deacon St. John. He’s on the run from the zombie horde, wandering around the mostly-deserted landscape, collecting ways to defend himself as well as gasoline for his bike.

The bike is computer-rendered and therefore doesn’t need to obey any laws of physics, and it isn’t any particular brand. It does need gas, so that seems to be a constant struggle, and while you play the game you can upgrade the bike. It is not a motorcycle-based game, and the bike seems to be simply the main means of transportation for the game’s protagonist.

From the posted videos and snapshots, it looks from the configuration and single exhaust pipe like the bike is a single-cylinder but at least starts out looking like a cruiser. It sure sounds like a V-twin (bad foley artist!). There are some shots of the bike with knobby tires on it. Apparently it’s a bit too loud to start with and alerts the baddies around of his arrival. In order to sneak up on zombies more effectively he’ll need to upgrade his exhaust to something a little quieter.

Just like in real life, sometimes St. John will leave the bike alone and come back to find that the local zombies (or perhaps his rival biker gang) is messing with it. So he’ll need to defend his only means of transport from roaming jerks.

The bike also breaks down occasionally and will need repairs. Hopefully that happens near enough to a place with parts or machines, or maybe he’s been collecting useful-looking parts all along. Either that or he’s going to have to walk.

The game’s release date is April 26, 2019, so you only have a few days left to wait before you can get your hands on it. That is, if you’re not too busy out actually riding your real motorcycle.

Source: Games Radar,, Youtube, Game Rant


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