Currently, the motorcycle industry is changing at a blinding speed. Far from the same old motorcycles, these days you can get your hands on all manner of electric bikes, three-wheelers, scooters, you name it. Enormous bikes and tiny bikes alike are on the market for our enjoyment and so many of them have tech we never dreamed of even ten years ago. That doesn’t mean anyone is sitting back thinking we’ve seen it all–far from it!

Enter the 2019 Rizoma Design Challenge. While there are lots of custom builders and build challenges in the world today, this one is a little more accessible for those of us who do not do whole-motorcycle custom work. The design challenge is just that: come up with a design.

There are two categories. One is for a digital render of a motorcycle design: a concept or custom motorcycle of your design, but it only has to exist as bits in your computer, and not in metal. The other category is for an aftermarket motorcycle product or accessory. So, really, all you need is a great idea for something that motorcyclists will find useful.

Rizoma is best known as a producer of high-end aftermarket motorcycle accessories and hard parts, like replacement mirrors, bar risers, rearsets and frame sliders, so they know a thing or two about what’s in demand and what sells to motorcyclists.

The Design Brief states: “In addition to using Rizoma design language and unique aesthetics as inspiration, participants are encouraged to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and materials in their designs. Special consideration is also given to submissions that implement emerging technologies in sustainable systems, additive manufacturing, and transportation infrastructure.” Make of that what you will; here’s your opportunity to submit your high-tech idea and have it implemented.

What do you gain out of all this? Apart from notariety, maybe, each of the two categories offers $5,000 in products as the grand prize award, and the top student entry can gain an internship at Rizoma’s Italian headquarters.

All of the information you need is on the Rizoma Design Challenge website. Go forth and come up with something awesome!

Source: Rizoma Design Challenge

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