Rizoma rolls out its brand new line of components for Harley-Davidson’s 2018 Softail range

Rizoma has established itself as one of the leading high-end aftermarket components companies by producing a wide range of parts and accessories for an equally wide variety of motorcycles. The company most recently announced that it’s expanding its range of offerings for Harley-Davidson motorcycles with the addition of a new lineup of aftermarket goodies for the 2018 Softail family.

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Despite the Rizoma parts being relatively small, they nonetheless manage to add some class to the modern cruiser

Rizoma seemingly saw an opportunity to cash in on the MoCo’s custom-friendly nature with the creation of a handful of new parts to snazz up your new Softie. These fancy new parts include round mirrors, three versions of the 1-Inch grips “SPORT” “URLO” and “LEGEND” , brake and clutch levers, multifunction indicators (indicator light, front/rear position light, stop light) with SMD LED technology, and dedicated "OUTSIDE" fender eliminator kits.

“The collection's unique details are born from a modern-classic style interpretation that brings together the best materials and latest-generation technological solutions,” said Rizoma in a recent press release.

Rizoma levers, reservoir cap, grips, signals, and mirrors for the 2018 Softail family

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Rizoma also recently started churning out parts for elite performance-cruiser startup Arch Motorcycle. The company is producing the Keanu-owned company’s billet aluminum fuel caps, bar-end lights, and rear-sets, all of which look right at home on the near-six-figure machines. Over the next few years, expect to see Rizoma components on American bikes. To see the full line-up click here.

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The Rizoma parts found on stock Arch bikes

Photos courtesy of Rizoma

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