You could be the lucky winner of a SPIDI 4Season riding suit.

Do you have a great motorcycle trip planned for this summer, before the end of August? Will it be at least 1500 kilometers (932 miles)? Are you popular on Instagram? Could you use new riding gear, and are you willing to tout it online? You might be just the person SPIDI Motorcycle Gear is looking for.

The company is currently running a contest online to pick what amounts to a brand ambassador, and it will provide you with the 2019 SPIDI 4Season suit to use while on that fantastic motorcycle trip you have planned. The suit is made for both men and women so you are not limited by body type. You will need to provide SPIDI with the details of your trip, and promise to post all about the provided suit while you’re out there. The one hitch to US residents might be, as stated, your trip should “take place between March and August 2019… crossing at least two countries.” Whether your country of origin counts is not clear. I could ride more than twice that distance to Winnipeg but still only have crossed one international border.

At any rate, you’ll need to share your journey on Instagram, taking pictures and posting about your travels and how the suit is feeling, fitting, performing and holding up.

The contest rules say if you hold up your end of the bargain, that is, you’ve posted all about what a wonderful time you had on your trip, and featured the SPIDI suit in your photos, and maybe even talked it up some, then “congratulations, the suit is yours.” If you don’t, though, it seems like the company might want it back.

There is no word on how many suits SPIDI is handing out for testing, or whether your location makes a difference: where would the manufacturer prefer you to be (Europe? USA? Other?). The marketing materials do say, though, “the most active and adventurous rider will become a SPIDI brand ambassador, who will have the opportunity to experience more adventures with SPIDI's support,” so there might be an opportunity for future samples and possibly a sponsorship in there.

Motorcycle vagabonds who live on the road, take note. Maybe enter the contest. But make sure you travel somewhere that has wifi or data coverage so you can connect to Instagram and upload your pictures. You can register for this contest online or through your local SPIDI dealer, and do it before the 15th of April!

Source: Spidi Test and Ride

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