The Continental Divide of the US is a “hydrological divide,” that is, it divides the watershed of the Pacific from that of the Atlantic. It also happens to have a well-maintained (mostly mountain bike) trail. Lots of people ride it with dirt bikes, but these two guys made their adventure into a really great video.

The teaser video is enough to bring anyone who’s had any kind of multi-day motorcycle adventure to tears for the longing to do it again. These guys rode from the US border with Mexico to the US border with Canada – and back! – and filmed the whole thing.

Note that the extended cut is exactly like the teaser only an hour and 15 minutes long. It’s not a feature film, there’s no plot other than the ride, there are a few short breaks where the two travelers chat, but the mics on their GoPros are suboptimal and they’re hard to hear. Know this going in: the whole production is Someone Else’s Vacation Pictures, but they're really spectacular for a low- to no-budget production. The drone shots are epic. The soundtrack is even great if, like me, Dark American Folk is your current jam. your The whole thing is going to make you want to plan your next epic adventure, and bring a drone along. Some of the views in this film are going to make you swear out loud for the beauty of the country they’ve captured.

The details are at the end of the film: “Dustin and Wes left Lubbock, TX on July 16 and rode to the Mexico border at Columbus, NM arriving on Day 2. They then rode north along the Continental Divide with a detour off the main route in Colorado to SIlverton and Telluride. They resumed the Continental Divide getting back on at Sargents, CO and following the main route all the way to the Canada border at Roosville, MT arriving on Day 14. It took 12 and a half days to ride from Mexico to Canada. Wes put new tires on in BIllings, MT for the trip home. The rear tire only lasted 30 miles before failing. Unable to find any new tires in town, he rented a van and hauled his bike home. Wes logged 4,197 miles in 16 days on his 2017 KTM 690 Enduro. Dustin logged 5,370 miles in 19 days on his 2008 Yamaha WR250R.” You can also read all about their ride in ADVRider, and that’s where you'll get the specifics of their days.

Now pack up your dirt bike and get out there!

Source: YouTube, ADVRider

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