Imagine the US Government helping to produce a video encouraging motorcycle tourism. Nuts, right? But that’s exactly what the government of New South Wales, Australia has done, in partnership with “Stories of Bike” and Pipeburn, with this magnificent video. Be careful, the advertisement might work, and you might find yourself researching flights and motorcycle rentals.

Not only is this a really fantastic advertisement for a beautiful tourist destination, it contains a ton of inspiration: the narrator, Peter Dawson, talks about the benefits of the ride and the scenery, and the effect riding has on him. His description of the road, Waterfall Way, and of the way he rides it, will ring familiar with many of us.

He lives in Dorrigo, NSW, Australia, and has these roads right on his doorstep. “I’ve found some surprising places that some people never get to see,” he says, “you can get lost in the environment.” The videography does not belie his words. The scenery changes from wide open fields to forests that seem positively primeval, with so many of the waterfalls along the way that give the road its name. He speaks of exploring his local roads with no particular destination in mind, which is something all of us on two wheels have done, and the enjoyment he gets from doing so.

“When you stop learning, you stop living,” he says, “so I practice every day out on the road…. Looking through corners, braking smoothly, hazard avoidance. It just adds extra enjoyment to the ride.” Wait, is this an advertisement for NSW tourism or for riding motorcycles in general? You decide. I think it works both ways.

“Life is short, and it makes me want to go out and appreciate every moment that I possibly can.” Ride on, Peter, and thanks for taking us with you!

Source: YouTube, Ride to Live NSW

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