I have long thought that the next big explosion in motorcycle parts, both custom and all the stock parts that are no longer available from the manufacturers, would come in 3D printed form. But this is a giant step above plastic and a home 3D printer.

VIBA, a French design firm, has concocted some fantastic bolt-on parts for, of all things, a modern Honda Monkey. While the modern iteration harkens back to the 60s Monkey models, the new one is only an echo and nothing on the modern design is compatible with the classic. That’s just as well, though, since the new Monkey is perfectly legally streetable and with its four-speed transmission and 125cc motor promises to be an absolute hoot.

Christened the VIBA Jane, the firm is only making 23 of these kits, so if you’re enamored you’ll want to get on the list for a build and soon. While the parts may be 3D printed they’re aluminum, not plastic, and the fit and finish is exquisite.

Custom Monkey Side

The parts are made using Selective Laser Imaging (I know, I’d never heard of it either) which basically begins with an aluminum alloy powder that is superheated with the lasers to create shapes you’d never be able to achieve any other way. The tank has an internal honeycomb structure to prevent gasoline from sloshing around. The headlight has been replaced and its frame combined with the front fender and an added front luggage rack.

The brake and clutch levers have been redesigned as hollow structures to allow for integrated turn signals and their associated wiring.

Custom Monkey Lever Signal

This custom build is thoroughly thought out and quite fascinating from far away. It gets better the closer you look. The VIBA website does not list prices for the build, nor do they give any information about whether pieces must be ordered all together or if they will sell, say, only the levers for your just-slightly-fancy Monkey. This is probably one of those “if you have to ask you cannot afford it” situations, but hey, if you’re interested they’re taking reservations and it can’t hurt to ask, right?

Source: Silodrome, VIBA, Honda Powersports

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