When you want your bike customized by professionals, your first step is to find a shop whose aesthetic you love. Every builder has their own eye for art, and what is a custom motorcycle build but a mechanical, rolling piece of art? Otherwise, why would any of us bother?

Tamarit Motorcycles in Elche, Spain, in the Alicante region, is a Triumph specialist shop with a portfolio of really gorgeous, understated builds. This latest one is named “Ruby” and she is a stunner.

The Bonneville has long been the most classic of the classic Triumph motorcycles. In this case a stock 2008 was the starting point and the end point is this gorgeous brass-pointed thing.


It may not seem too different from a stock Triumph at first glance, but look more closely: the frame and swingarm have been chromed. The rear chrome subframe and seats are entirely new. The stock gas tank received a bit of a dress-up in leather knee guards to match the new seats. The new, fabbed rear fender and license plate holder are far from stock, holding a little LED taillight.


The side covers are modified quite heavily to accommodate new pod air filters after the stock airbox was yanked out from under the seat. The bike received a shorty aftermarket exhaust that looks loud just sitting still. The 2008 is a fuel injected model, one of the first to have the injectors hidden in housings cast to look like carburetors. Still, it was probably re-tuned for its new less restrictive air filters and exhaust pipes.

It looks as though the forks have been shortened slightly; those fancy outer springs are probably stiffer and work with the existing fork internals so that the forks won’t reach the bump stops.

Occital Ruby

The whole bike is chromed where it can be chromed, and brass fittings added where the accent looks best – the gas cap, spoke nipples, headlight trim, cable housings on the handlebars, and the paint trim.

Gorgeous and understated, eh? The builders ship worldwide. Just sayin’.

Source: Silodrome, Tamarit Motorcycles

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