3D printing is gaining in popularity. Thanks to an increasingly accessible technology and no shortage of ideas and concepts, objects such as artificial limbs, replacement parts, tools, and even houses. The possibilities seem endless. The technology has also started making its way into motorcycle designs. From only a few components to fully “printed” bikes like the NowLab, it won’t be long before consumers manage to get their hands on the first 3D printed motorcycle blueprints. For Alvaro Dal Farra, former freestyle and motocross rider, 3D has allowed him to come up with a truly unique design that represents his primal love of motorcycles—like the heart beating inside his chest.

The KX450 3D Core is the result of a collaboration of Dal Farra with design firm Codoro Studio, engineering team Skorpion Engineering, and a flight of suppliers. The bike is almost entirely built from 3D-printed components, from the tank, skidplate and mudguards to the fork sleeves and the swingarm mounted on the frame of a 2019 Kawasaki KX450 dirtbike.

“My life without a motorcycle would be impossible. Even if it almost killed me, I continue to love it and I cannot live without it. This love stems from the the bottom of my heart,” commented Dal Farra, talking about the custom-printed bike. The heart thematic is what inspired the bike’s peculiar “livery”. The mesh pattern used on the different fairing components has been designed specifically to allow a peek beneath the surface, under the motorcycle’s “skin”, at the bike’s “heart”. The red and blue tubing and wiring visible through the mesh is reminiscent of a human heart’s veins and aorta, in an extremely literal way.

The color scheme is also a little nudge at the rider’s first love: a Malaguti Grizzly from the early 1980s, which sparked Dal Farra’s love of motocross. While the design of the bike is pretty sweet, we have yet to see it in action.

Source: Alvaro Dal Farra

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