We can all appreciate the work put into modifying and customizing a motorcycle. You might or might not like the end result, but the craftsmanship showcased in those builds is worthy of our common mortal’s respect. What if I told you that you too can now do your own customization at home? All you need are your two hands, a decent set of tools, and the Hookie Moto Kit. Oh! And a BMW R NineT.

The lineup of Beemer’s take on the classic scrambler aesthetic is already quite diversified—buyers have a choice of five models to choose from, including the standard R NineT, the Scrambler, the Urban, or even the bubble-faired Racer. Sometimes, though, you want to take personalization a step further—even better if you get to do it yourself, right?

That’s exactly the concept of the Hookie Moto Kit. This ready-to-install mod set for the R NineT can be delivered at your home within a month or so and allows you to give your bike a non-factory look thanks to a set of easily installed parts.

The kits include a bolt-on, 11-liter gas tank in your choice of a carbon fiber motif or Motorrad’s white, blue, and red livery, an Alcantara flat leather saddle, two K&N air filters and filter meshes, an air intake filter, a subframe that can receive the Snake cargo strap with an AustriAlpin Cobra buckle, and e-tray for the battery, all the hardware and tutorials, and voilà! You have yourself a sleek-looking T.

According to Hookie, the kit fits any R NineT from model-year 2016 to 2019 that don’t have the ECU located under the seat.  The kits are handmade in Germany and retail for roughly $5,500 (€4,900). An order can be placed online and according to the company’s Website, delivery to the US is possible.


Source: Hookie Co.

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