There are a lot of pros and cons to electric motorcycles when it comes to daily use. Granted, the range of an EV is usually shorter and charging times can be limiting. On the bright side, for the performance-oriented minds, electric bikes provide unparalleled accelerations. This is something we don’t really get to understand until we experience it. This video, however, is the closest we’ve come to actually witnessing just how much electric bikes can give us.

The video was shared by Lightning Motorcycles on its social media. It shows an LS-218 set up on the dyno and hooked up to a computer, being put through its paces. The short clip demonstrates how quickly the bike is able to accelerate from close to a standstill to 160 mph—and that’s without being able to gun it.

According to Matt Schulwitz from Lightning Motorcycles who discussed with Electrek, they are actually not able to fully open the throttle while the bike is on the dyno because it produces too much torque (the LS-218 is rated at 200 hp and 168 lb-ft of torque) that the tires would spin on the belt. They are only able to twist it to its full capacity past the 100 mph mark.  

Granted, we’re looking at the fastest production electric bike currently on the market, so the numbers are bound to look really exciting. Yet it’s fascinating to watch exactly what 0-to-100 in 5.5 seconds looks like and just how much the bike is able to give, even past 100 mph. Despite the team being unable to push the bike to its full capacity, the LS-218 still manages to make a 100-mph+ gain in roughly 10 seconds.

Deliveries of the new Lightning LS-218 have started and the company is working on a new, long-range and low-price model that will be unveiled in March.


Source: Electrek

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